Team Training

Summer 2021 Team Training

Rush Premier licensed coaches provide a 4-week on field training as a tool to assist you in coaching your team and providing a top quality learning experience to all of your players.

The goal of the 4-weeks is to improve the technical abilities of Silver Lake players and teach them how to utilize those skills in games. The sessions and activities can be used at all ages and levels with the proper modifications based on players/space/level/etc.

Teaching skills requires patience and persistence. Players need to learn the 5 W's (What - Where - Who - When - Why ) plus HOW. Once they understand they must be provided the opportunity to experiment with what they have learned.

This 4-week curriculum will include passing, combination play, rondos, and playing in small groups.

PHASE 1: Teach skill(s) unopposed
PHASE 2: Teach skill(s) with passive pressure
PHASE 3: Use full pressure in activities that allow the specific skill(s) being taught to be emphasized.
PHASE 4: Free Play

Contact our VP Development at for more information about this team training opportunity.