Season Outline

Season Outline

Age Group Coordinators

Each age group, e.g. U-09 Boys, has an assigned Age Group Coordinator (AGC) volunteer. This person is responsible for assigning you as coach and assigning players to your team. They are also your primary contact with the club. Know your AGC. A list of the AGC volunteers can be found under the Board of Directors link. If you need contact information please email one of the board members. If you have questions about your team, adding or removing players from your roster, game day, rules of competition or anything else ask your AGC.

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2018 Practice Schedules / Field Layouts

Practices are typically two one-hour sessions on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur with the possibility of a Friday two-hour session instead and, depending on field location, run from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (see the request form). During the month of August, the Everett School District has limited the use of some fields. There are currently over 100 teams that will practice and must be split into available fields during that time--SLSC may also use weekend time to be able to cover all requests.

Keep in mind that requesting a practice time of 6:00 PM or later on a non-lighted fields will run into daylight issues in the month of October--SLSC can not accommodate requests to make up that time lost.

Practices will run August 1st through October 31st.

2017 Practice Field Choices available here <click>. Please choose 3 or 4 options and email to

Practice Field Assignments are here! All practice start August 1st except where noted (EG Tambark Creek)

If you need the Honey Bucket and Goal Lock codes contact your AGC. Please be sure to lock these resources up if you are the last one using them.

If you are practicing at an Everett School District field or will be playing home games on one, you may need a key to get access to the parking area and/or field. Keys can be arranged by contacting the club VP Operations.

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Game Schedules

Game Schedules and Coach Contact Information is provided via the NCYSA website. When schedules are available, your AGC will contact you with information on how to access your team's schedule.

When schedules are available, the can be viewed online using this website link.

Requests for game changes: Game schedule changes are difficult to manage, so we encourage only those requests which are reasonably unavoidable--e.g. no coach is available, a previously scheduled external function like Homecoming, college entrance tests, or other large group related events has dropped too many players to field a team. We strongly discourage game change requests for reasons such as the time is too late or too early or to work around a Seahawks or Sounders game. If your request, falls within these recommendations, please send a request to James Calvert to examine what time and location is available. It would help if the coaches involved have already discussed a few potential dates that could work. Please allow enough time for a few back and forth iterations to find a suitable change leaving enough time to schedule referees if possible.

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Game Day Preparation

Season begins September 8th/9th, 2018

Coach Contact

The home coach is expected to contact their opponent coach prior to each game confirming field location and time. This is also a great time to find out if there are conflicting jersey colors and to exchange team names. All necessary contact information will be provided on the NCYSA website discussed in the schedule section above. Schedules occasionally change, this coach contact prevents travelling long distances to find out the field or time changed--it happens more often than you might think. If your opponent is the home coach and has not contacted you by Thursday before the game, don't hesitate to call them first.


As described in the coach responsibilities, the coach should provide a roster to the referee and opponent coach. You will be required to provide an official roster that was generated by our BONZI registration system. Your AGC will be delivering these to you via email. If you do not provide an official roster to the referee, you will be automatically given a yellow card caution regardless if the referee actually displays it.

Everett School District Field Access

If you have home games at an Everett School District field, you may need a key to get access to the parking area and/or field especially if you have the first game of the day. Keys can be arranged by contacting the club VP Operations. For 2018, Gateway Middle School is the only field we are using that requires a key.


The Laws of the Game specifically prohibit players from wearing any jewelry (or decorative object) of any kind--including earrings, studs, bracelets, wrist bands/ropes, etc... Medical Idenitification bracelets and necklaces are allowed. The referee should not have to ask you or the players to remove these items. Coaches should teach players to simply not wear these items to games. You are also not allowed to tape over newly inserted earrings to get around this issue--they must be removed. It would be best if players did not get new piercings during the soccer season.


North County Youth Soccer Association strictly prohibits all recreational soccer participants from playing while wearing any form of cast or splint. Do not ask the referee if it is okay--they do not have that authority and risks negating player insurance.

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Game Score Report

To promote the spirt of the game and the best learning experience for younger players, scores are only kept and recorded for U-10 age groups and above. U-10 records will not be displayed and will only be used to help place teams into appropriate divisions for the next season. Each coach is required to report the score of each game on the North County website. Contact your AGC if you need assistance with this.

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Team Photo Day

Silver Lake Soccer Club has again teamed up with Northwest Sports Photography (NSP) to take team pictures. This year's date is Saturday, September 29th 2018 at James Monroe Elementary School. NSP will send a packet to each team's head coach containing individual player package information. An appointment on photo day will be set up by each coach using the NSP website. This is an optional event--you are welcome to have photos taken by parents.

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Game Travel Information

For 2018, U8 and U9 will play in the South end of North County Youth Soccer Association including teams from Everett, Irish Soccer Club, Terrace Brier and Mukilteo.

For 2018, all ages U10 and up play within the North County Youth Soccer Association including teams from Everett, Irish Soccer Club, Terrace Brier, Arlington, Granite Falls, Lake Stevens, Lakewood, Marysville, Sky River Soccer Club, Mukilteo, Whidbey Island, SnoKing (Edmonds area), Snohomish and Stanwood.

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Day Of Game Information

See the Day of Game matrix in the Recreational tab.

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