Registration Availability Information

Fall 2020 Soccer Availability

The following chart details available open space as of the latest update time shown below the chart.

** marked entries indicate we need a coach in this age bracket. Please contact VP Teams to volunteer.

The numbers next to Wait List indicate how many players are currently on that wait list. When a wait list is active for an age group, that age group currently is at the maximum number of players. The only way someone from the wait list can be activated and then assigned to a team is if an active player withdraws.

If enough players sign up for the wait list in a particular age group before July 15th, we may be able to form an additional team provided we find a coach as well.

Buddy requests are not considered during late registration, space is limited to teams with vacant roster spots.

Last Updated: 6 July 2020 07:30

Registration Availabilty Information
Age Group Boys Girls
U-06 14 Open** 13 Open**
U-07 6 Open** 7 Open**
U-08 3 Open** 5 Open**
U-09 17 Open 7 Open**
U-10 8 Open 2 Open
U-11 3 Open 9 Open**
U-12 2 Open 5 Open**
U-13 Wait List (0) Wait List (0)
U-14 10 Open Wait List (0)
U-15 5 Open 9 Open
U-16 12 Open 2 Open
U-17 4 Open 4 Open**
U-18/19 2 Open 10 Open**

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