PRESIDENT James Calvert Email
VP TEAMS Mark Cavelero Email
VP FUTURE STARS Jerry McPeek Email
VP DEVELOPMENT Jerry Hambly Email
VP OPERATIONS Currently Vacant Email
VP REFEREES Alisa Lagoe Email
TREASURER Bill Sheridan Email
SECRETARY Patti Reed Email
DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Currently Vacant Email
REGISTRAR Robin Lessley Email

2013 Age Group Coordinators (non-board members)

U-06 Boys Currently Vacant
U-06 Girls Currently Vacant
U-07 Boys Currently Vacant
U-07 Girls Currently Vacant
U-08 Boys Mike Armstrong
U-08 Girls Carolyn Nodtvedt
U-09 Boys Rachelle Lynn
U-09 Girls Carrie Surowiec
U-10 Boys Travis Duke
U-10 Girls Jenaferre James
U-11 Boys Tom Elsemore
U-11 Girls Dan Rude
U-12 Boys Travis Duke
U-12 Girls Mark Haldi
U-13 Boys Jennifer Assaker
U-13 Girls Mary Fuda
U-14 Boys Tom Elsemore
U-14 Girls Annie Stokke
U-15 Boys Mark Haldi
U-15 Girls Mary Lou Evans
U-16 to U-17 Boys Mark Cavelero
U-18/19 Boys Kathy Erickson
U-16 to U-19 Girls Michele Johnson