Q: How do I become a coach?

A: Please click on the Fall Recreaton 2014 - COACHES link on the Registration page.

Q: Are there boundaries I must live within to play for Silver Lake Soccer Club?

A: No, though most of our players attend school in the Everett School District.

Q: I am interested in applying for a scholarship.

A: Please contact SLSC's Registrar about Financial Aid information.

Q: Can I mail in my registration?

A: No, Silver Lake Soccer Club only accepts online registrations. Our online service is secure and your information will remain confidential. For more information on the privacy policy of our online registration service please CLICK HERE.

Q: Where do I send a copy of my birth certificate?

A: The document should be a certified birth certificate or passport-we can not accept hospital documents. All documents are destroyed (shredded) after receipt and verification has been entered into our database.

We must have this information. Unverified players are not allowed to play in any games and are considered not properly registered!

You can do this in one of two ways:

1) Scan the document and email it to


2) Send a copy to the club PO Box:

Silver Lake Soccer Club
PO Box 12543
Mill Creek, WA 98082-0543

Q: I would like my child on a specific team. How do you assign new players?

A: Returning players may return to their previous season's team until June 15th. At that time any remaining roster spots are filled first by those players who played with SLSC last year and are transferring from another team, and then by new players in 'first come first serve order'. We always do our best to honor team and buddy requests though we do not guarantee them. Following is the priority system we use when forming teams:

  1. Returning players requesting to be on the same team
  2. Honoring buddy requests for returning players (and/or team transfers)
  3. Buddy requests for new players
  4. New players in the actual age group dispersed onto teams
  5. Returning players wishing to "play up" on new team
  6. New players wishing to "play up"

Q: I would like my child to play up an age group. How do I make a play-up request during registration?

A: No matter what the situation, you are required to register each player according to their current age. Washington Youth Soccer stresses "age appropriate" play and requests recreational players remain in their actual age group. There are occasionally exceptions made to this policy--generally only for players that enter school early (due to their birthdate) and would like to be on a team with other players in their same grade.

If you have previously, played up. Then register for the lower age group and be sure to select Yes for the "Would you like to play on same team as last year" question. If this is done, SLSC staff will be able to find these players and manually move them up an age group. The current age category each player is registered for can be reviewed from your member account by clicking the View Team Assignments button.

If you have not previously played up and would like to make a request, you can email the registrar or vp teams after you have registered.


Q: When should I hear from my child's coach?

A: For U-8 and above you should hear from your coach the last week of July. If you haven't heard from anyone by this time please email us using our contact form. Provide your son/daughter's name, birthday and your names and someone will get back with you asap. For Future Stars (U-6 and U-7) your child's coach will call the end of August or the first days of September.

Q: When does the season start?

A: For U8 and above teams may start practice as early as the first week of August. For all age groups games start in September, the first weekend after Labor Day, and go for 10 weeks. For U-6 and U-7 you will not have practices during August and your season will also start the first weekend after Labor Day. This age has a 30 min practice followed by a 30 min game on Saturdays.

Q: When and where will my son/daughter's practices be?

A: We will not know this until late in July when we have requests from the coach and field availability from the school district.

Q: What days are games held?

A: Silver Lake Soccer Club is a part of North County Youth Soccer Association and they are responsible for scheduling all the games for our area. At this time they have not determined which weekend day games will be held. Schedules for the season usually come out in the end of August.


Q: What is the average cost of a soccer uniform?

A: For ages U8 and above the cost is between $25 and $45 dollars depending on what your team has picked for their uniforms. For Future Stars (U6 and U7) the club provides a T-shirt.

Q: What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

A: Each player must have shin guards worn under socks, cleats and a soccer ball. Soccer balls come in sizes determined by age group:

U6/U7/U8 Size 3
U9/U10/U11/U12 Size 4
U13 and up Size 5


Q: How do I get an RMA # to complete the volunteer (including coach) registration?

A: Information update coming. You will need to re-register with Washington Youth Soccer and we will let you know how to do that soon.