Silver Lake Soccer Club General Covid-19 Information

Return to Practice and Play Guidance

Read Washington Youth Soccer's recommended return to play guidelines to become better informed of the recommended protocols and guidelines. For more details, read Washington Youth Soccer's Gameday Protocols and Safety Plan.

How can Parent's Prepare for Return to Practice and Play?

Understand the anticipated protocols that will be followed and extra supplies that will be needed (physical distancing, masks, sanitizer, stay home if sick, etc.) by reading the Washington Youth Soccer's recommended return to play guidelines that is tailored for parents.

Covid-19 Refund and Withdrawal Policies

We encourage you to register for the season. We have Covid-19 refund and withdrawal policies that provide full or prorated refunds should the season be cancelled or you simply are not comfortable and choose to withdraw:

Season Cancellation Refund Policy
  • Full refunds will be provided if the season is fully cancelled.
  • Prorated refunds will be provided if the season gets started but is not able to be completed.
Season Withdrawal Policy
  • Prorated refunds will be provided for all withdrawal requests based on individuals becoming uncomfortable with the exposure potential of participation.
  • 50% of registration fees are not refundable if the season is started but cancelled or player withdraws after September 1st which is the date player registration is reported to our Association.
  • The remaining 50% of registration fees will be refunded but prorated based on the number of games the event would normally have (10 for rec, 8 for future stars).
  • This withdrawal policy may create situations where a team's roster size is reduced enough that it no longer can be competitive. Those cases will need to handled carefully should they occur.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about these policies or the outlook of the season, please contact a Silver Lake Soccer board member. We can be found on the Board of Directors tab of the club website.