Future Stars soccer is for boys and girls ages 5 & 6 or those entering Kindergarten and First Grade. Each Saturday beginning after Labor Day in September, teams get together for a practice session run by a professional organization, UK Elite. Future Stars coaches are encouraged to learn from the drills and skill sessions run by the UK Elite staff to prepare them for the possibility of running practice sessions themselves when players reach the Recreational program. All children are eligible to play - no tryouts are required. Scholarships are available.

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Game Schedule & Micro Soccer Rule of Competition

Find the Fall 2018 Future Stars Program schedule below. Also, the following document describes the modifications to the FIFA Laws of the Game for the Silver Lake Soccer Club Future Stars Program.

Fall 2018 Future Stars Program Schedule - Revised 9/04/2018

Silver Lake Soccer Club Micro Soccer Rules of Competition

Coach Responsibilities and Ethics

Silver Lake Soccer Club (SLSC) expects all of its volunteer coaches to read and understand all team and coach responsibilities and ethics detailed in the first few pages of the North County Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) Procedures and Rules of Competition.

Coaches are also expected to have read and understand the following Code of Ethics document provided by Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) in 2009.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information

On July 24, 2015, a State of Washington law regarding sudden cardiac arrest awareness went into effect. SB 5083 - referred to as the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Act - was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor with the intent of making youth athletes, their families, and coaches aware of sudden cardiac arrest. This Washington Youth Soccer page has additional information about the issue, requirements for compliance and links to resources:

WYS Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Information

During registration players and parents were required to acknowledge receipt of the SCA information which satisfies their annual compliance requirement.

All coaches also need to view a 15 minute video which then provide a certificate to the club every three years. If you have not yet completed the training and short knowledge test, please follow the link provided below and then submit your certificate to vpteams@silverlakesoccerclub.com.

Coaches Certification Link

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Pamphlet

Washington Youth Soccer RMA - Background Check

Washington Youth Soccer requires all volunteers to have a valid Risk Management Authorization obtained through a background check service they provide. (See the following link for information about this requirement: WYS RMA Info.) A new background check is required each season.
Unfortunately, this no longer happens automatically when we register through Bonzi. We are required to manually follow the process outlined by Washington Youth Soccer. The following links are instructions detailing the background check process. Note the one for minors.
Once you have been assigned to a team, please follow the instructions above to run your background check and validate your RMA. During the process, don't forget to select Silver Lake Soccer Club as your organization. If you need assistance with this process, you will need to find it through Washington Youth Soccer using the contact information in the above instructions.


Medical Release Form

Coaches are expected to have a signed medical release form for each player at all times including practices and games. This form is necessary if an emergency happens while players are in the coach's care. Hand out this form during the first practice and have players return it completed by the next practice. This form does not need to be notarized.

Please help us update our birth date verifications. SLSC is currently in the process of asking parents to verify birth dates if we do not have a current record--even if they have played previous seasons.