Game Formats/Rules

The Silver Lake Recreational Soccer Program is played according to the laws put out by FIFA and amended by NCYSA. Washington Youth Soccer uses a "small sided standards" soccer experience for age groups U-12 and under where specific laws of the game, such as field size, number of players, free kicks and more have been modified to allow the best learning experience for each of those age groups.

US Soccer has updated the small sided standards several times along with their Player Development Initiatives. The following link will hopefully be kept up to date by US Soccer with the latest information, however the North County YSA Rules of Competition supercede this information based on when they were able to implement changes--there may be differences between the two. US Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

If you would like to become more familiar with the Laws of the Game you might be interested in this document, Laws of the Game Made Easy from US Soccer.

A summary of the rules of competion for all age groups playing in NCYSA can be found at their website rules page where you can download the latest:

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